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Spring Term 1


Foundation Subjects


As well as focusing on the core subject areas we will be looking at key foundation subjects. The focus will be on the skills part of the subject. During this 'lockdown' period we will continue to focus on a broad and balanced curriculum. Here's what we will be focusing on this half term...



Children will focus on:

  • Using pencils and pastels to create a space scene.
  • Creating a space collage.
  • Creating a rocket.



Children will focus on:

  • Exploring the life of Neil Armstrong.
  • Creating a fact file on Neil Armstrong.
  • Writing a setting description on a setting in Space.



Children will focus on:

  • Properties of materials.
  • Suitability of materials.
  • Investigating the shape of materials.



Children will focus on:

  • Sikhism and the concept of identity. 



Children will focus on:

  • Physical wellbeing - use of Joe Wicks videos.



Children will focus on:

  • Mental health and wellbeing.
  • Safety online.



Children will focus on:

  • Using the internet safely.