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Solids, Liquids and Gases

This week we are focussing on Solids, Liquids and Gases.  We learnt about this subject way back in Autumn Term and these tasks will be a great way to refresh your memory.  There are two tasks for you to try out which are explained below.  You might want to watch the videos at the bottom of the page first.


Hunting for Solids, Liquids and Gases


This task requires you to look around where you live and can be inside or outside.  How many different types of solids, liquids and gases can you find?  You can choose to show this however you want.  There is an example below to give you an idea:



What do you have the most of: Solids, liquids or gases?  Why do you think this is?


Changing States


The second task is to look at your list and see whether it is possible to change any of these into the other.  For example, if you have a solid, can you turn it into a liquid?  Can a liquid turn into a gas?  Can a liquid turn into a solid?  


Have fun experimenting!  If you are stuck, just remember that there are many things at home which will help.  Do you have any ice cubes?  Or a kettle?  Those are just two things that can get you thinking...!  Once finished, can you explain why these changes happened?


It would be great to see how you get on :-)


Solid | liquid | Gas | BBC Bitesize | science

Melting and Freezing | BBC Bitesize | science