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Preparing for school

When your child starts school would be helpful if they could

• get dressed independently

• independently use the toilet and wash their hands

• use a knife and fork

• use scissors safely

• take turns

• recognise their name

• hold a pencil correctly

• recognise some numbers



You can help your child develop these skills by

• giving them opportunities to practise putting their uniform on and off.

• buying shoes with Velcro, rather than laces.

• encouraging them to independently use the toilet and wash their hands thoroughly afterwards.

• sitting at a table for meal times and encouraging your child to independently cut up their own food

• playing games where they need to wait their turn.

• labelling all their school clothes and showing your child their labels so they recognise their name in them.

• modelling holding a pencil and writing your child’s name on pictures or work they have produced.

• pointing out numbers you see when you are out and about (e.g. on a bus, door or price tag).

• reading to them and discussing what has been read.