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Rooks classroom

Dear Rooks,


We can't wait to see you back in school and I have been busy planning what we will be doing.  When you do return, our classroom will be laid out differently to make sure everyone has as much space around them as possible.  I have included some pictures below so you can see what it now looks like.


If you are in Group A and are in school on a Monday and Tuesday, or you are in Group B and are in school on a Thursday and Friday, I will be teaching you on those days.  Your parent / carer will be able to tell you which days you are attending.


When you arrive in the morning, you will come through the gate as usual but will come straight into the classroom using our outside classroom door, rather than going onto the playground.   


There will be hand gel ready for you to use as soon as you enter the building.


In the classroom, there are 15 tables already spaced out.  You will be allocated a table to sit at for the days you are in school.


You will be given your own pack of resources that contains everything you need for your learning.


Your tray, containing your books and resources, will be kept on / under your table - this is so you have everything you need right there.


Please bring in your water bottle (already filled with water) which you can keep on your table too.


When it is break time, you will use the Key Stage 2 toilet if you need to and wash your hands.  An adult from your class will then take you and your friends to where you can play.  This will be a separate area from the children in other year groups.  This is to help keep everyone spaced out.


After break, you will come back into the classroom and wash your hands or use the hand gel.  Then we will have time for a drink and snack at your own table.


Just before your lunchtime, you can use the Key Stage 2 toilet (if you need to) and wash your hands.  You will then eat your lunch at your desk in our classroom.  An adult will then take you out to your allocated play area.  Again, this will be a different area from the children in other year groups.  This is to help keep everyone spaced out.



You will arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.45am and will be collected from the classroom by your parent at 3.20pm.  Your breaks and lunchtime may be at a slightly different time to usual.  This is just to help make sure everyone has enough space around them.


Once you are collected at the end of the day, it is really important that you leave the school site promptly and don't hang around to speak to your friends.  This is to make sure everyone has enough space around them and to avoid groups of people.


See you soon!


Mr Bedford smiley