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Returning to School

Classroom and routines


Hello Owls!


We are really excited and looking forward to welcoming you back in to school!  We hope you are excited too, but we understand that you might also be feeling a bit anxious or worried about coming back, that's perfectly normal.  It all feels rather strange to us too, but we will be doing lots of activities to ease us all back in gradually! 


We are looking forward to hearing about what you have enjoyed, as well as what you may have found hard, about being at home for such a long time and finding out about all the things that have happened since you have been away, such as birthdays and other celebrations.


Our classroom layout is a little different.  You will each have your own desk, which we will keep the same every time you are in school.  We have moved the tray units to make accessing them a little easier in the mornings and half of each group will be in each unit so there's not as much of a wait to get to them. 


You will have everything you need in your tray including:  a whiteboard, pen, pencil, scissors, ruler, sharpener and set of colouring pencils.  You will keep this by the side of you throughout the day so everything is easy to get hold of.  You will also be allowed to keep your water bottle with you. 


You will not be able to bring items to and from school, so you have been asked not to bring in your mobile phones and you will need to select a book from the book corner. Each group will have a specific section to choose from. 


At break and lunch times we will stay in our little groups, but you will be allowed to use the field as your allocated space.


If you have any concerns or questions about our new routines, please feel free to email us at our class email and we'll do our very best to answer them!  We can't wait to see you!


PE days from: 22/6/20


Group A; Please wear in your PE kit on Tuesday!


Group B; Please wear in your PE Kit Thursday! 



Below is the letter we emailed home with a picture of how the classroom looks now.