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Refugee Week - New 15/6/20

Refugee Week: imagine a kinder world.

Activities to help children and young people develop their empathy and understanding. Explore why refugees flee their home and what it is like to arrive somewhere new away from their family.

15/6/20 - 19/6/20 - Underneath will be tasks relating to the information above. They're to be completed throughout the week. 


The YouTube video is the one presented on the powerpoint/PDf.


The activities may need a sibling or Parent/carer to read through with them. Just have a look through :)


When completing tasks children are to complete the Primary School parts only!

Syrian refugee Leen arrives in Germany after fleeing crisis

We first met Leen at a Red Cross shelter in a refugee camp on the border of FYR Macedonia and Greece last November. She had fled Syria with her younger sister