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Skylarks Book Club!

Sensational Skylarks become RADICAL READERS!


Welcome to our very own book club! I know that you Skylarks are amazing at writing book reviews from the wonderful ones I have seen in class and I would like this to continue while you are at home! You can share your love for reading by  writing your own book review once you have finished a book and emailing it to me or sending a picture of your review to This way we can create our own book club! All your reviews will be uploaded to this page and we can share and compare all the wonderful stories you are reading about at home! :)


Here are a few handy hints for you when you are writing your books review:

  • Remember to include the title and the author of your book so others can find it and read it!
  • Could you include your own star rating to show much you liked the book?
  • What is your book about? ... but remember not to give away the ending. :)
  • What was your favourite part? Who was your favourite character?
  • Could you include a picture of your book?


Below are some templates of a book review if you would like to use them. But feel free to create and write your own! :)


Keep smiling! :)

Sensational Skylarks Book Reviews...


Take a look below at some of the reviews and recommendations from our very own Skylarks! They may even persuade you to read the book for yourself :) ...

Summer Reading Challenge!

Well done everyone on your Week 1 BINGO CHALLENGE! :)

WEEK 2 BINGO .... you are all doing amazing! :)

Week 3... keep up the super work!

Some wonderful readers from Week 4!