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Summer Term

Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age


The key objectives that we will be focussing on is the children’s application of phonics and improving their fluency and word recognition skills when reading.


  • I can use my knowledge of root words, prefixes (including dis-, mis-, in-, il-, im-, ir-), and suffixes (including -ly) to help me read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words.

We have been and will be continuing to teach the meaning and spelling of these prefixes in no-nonsense spelling sessions throughout each week.

  • I can read further exception words including words that do not follow spelling patterns).


As well as this, we will also be continuing to work on children’s comprehension and inferencing skills. Their understanding of what they are reading continues to be a focus in class as well as learning skills such as making inferences on how characters are feeling and having discussions about the language and vocabulary used in the texts.


  • I can work out what a character in a book is feeling by the actions they take and can explain how I know.

For example: Throughout the process of using our class text, children will be given opportunities to consider how different characters in the book are feeling and why.

  • I can tell you what a book that I am reading is about.
  • I can discuss words in the books that I read that excite me.


We log children onto Bugclub in school as this helps to build on both fluency and comprehension skills at an appropriate level for the child. Logging on at home will help develop these skills further. Bugclub logins have been placed in the children’s homework books– please ask if you need these to be sent out again.