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Read for My School

We are writing to let you know that this term our school will be taking part in a national reading competition called Read for My School, which is open to all children in years 3 – 8 in England.

The competition website is hosting a free online library of over 100 books. If they participate then your child will be able to read those books online wherever they have internet access. They can of course choose to read books in print or that are not part of the online library – the goal is simply to read as much as possible this term.

100,000 books will be distributed by Pearson in prizes for the schools and children who read the most. Individual children will be drawn as prize-winners from the pool of all children around the country who read eight books or more. Prize packs of 100 books for whole schools will be awarded after a draw from the pool of all schools where 250 books or more are read.

100,000 books will also be donated to a Book Aid International programme in Tanzania that distributes books into schools where children currently have very limited access to reading material. A new feature of the competition this year is that children will have the option to write a short letter to the children in Tanzania who will receive these books. Regional and National awards will be won by the children who write the most powerful letters, and by those who read the most books.


Any encouragement that you can give to your child that supports them as they try to read a little more this term would be invaluable, whatever form it may take. If they do participate in Read for My School fully then your child will reap benefits for themselves, for our school and for children in Tanzania.




With you child, visit:


Choose sign up as a pupil then follow the simple instructions - you do not have to provide any personal details. 




There is a list of Recommended Reads and a range of books available to read online. If you have a computer or tablet computer at home, you may need to enable Adobe Flash Player to ensure that your child can read the online books. Unfortunately the website won’t work on iPads, but if you have an Android device then you should be able to read the online books.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or below, please update to the latest version to be able to take advantage of everything this brilliant scheme has to offer! On Android you can try the Dolphin browser, which enables Flash to work.

Children can also log paper books they have read offline, and they will be counted towards their total number of books read in the competition. To do this, your child needs to log in, then next to their Reading Record, click on 'Toggle more', then 'Click here to add a book read offline' – your child should then be able 

to add any book s/he has read offline...


Have fun reading!