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Bitterne Manor Primary School became a foundation school as part of a co-operative Education Trust called 'REACH' on the 1st September 2019. The rationale for this proposal is as follows:


  1. We want to continue to raise expectations and standards in the school and improve the future prospects for all of our learners.
  2. To do this - with the many changes taking place in education - we need to build strong partnerships and make our school improvement planning more sustainable. 
  3. We believe that to meet the needs of our community, we can achieve more through formal education partnerships, than we will be able to by working alone.
  4. The proposed Education Trust would
  1. Establish a formal partnership and allow us to work with other co-operative schools
  2. Underpin the values of the school, which are in line with universal co-operative values; and
  3. Help us to deliver our school’s vision and aims.
  1. The Key aims for the school, which we believe the Proposed Trust will support include:


  • Develop outstanding learning and develop an outstanding quality of education for all our pupils and staff.
  • Increase the level of aspiration and opportunities for our community.
  • Realise the potential of all our young people in our community in academic, vocational and social learning.
  • Ensure excellent longer term employment prospects for our learners through a robust focus on future opportunities.
  • Provide an innovative curriculum across all phases with enrichment opportunities to develop the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of the world, raise self-esteem and promote  well-being so each young person is both prepared academically and socially and have the vocational skills to succeed in the next phase of education or in the workplace.
  • Improve transition for our learners across each Key Stage.
  • Develop our education partnership to include our parents and the wider community,
  • Develop partnerships with preschools, nurseries, colleges, universities, employers and  apprenticeship providers.
  • As a Co-operative Education trust, we will adopt and support the values and principles of the co-operative movement in our work.


Trust schools are part of the local authority system, but supported by a charitable trust which will appoint some of the governors. It is important to be aware that the governing body continues to run the school, handle the school budget and is responsible for the performance of the school.