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Rainbow Time

Today you have two Rainbow Challenges to complete!


Green Challenge: I can travel in different ways


What do you think the word ‘travelling’ means? It means how we move from one place to another. Can you think of different ways we travel to get to places? Mrs White travels on the train to get to school.  How do you travel to school?  If you go away, how do you get there? 


Can you move around to show different ways of travelling?  First can you pretend to be a car.  Then a bike.  Do you walk or scoot?  Can you move like a train, boat and bus?


Now we want you to travel around your room or outside area by running, skipping, jumping using both feet.  Can you hop?  This can be tricky!  Can you sidestep like a crab?

We have thought about different ways of travelling.  Now we are going to think about how the animals in ‘The Gruffalo’ might move when travelling.  You can always search on the internet to see videos of how these animals move in real life to help you. How do you think the mouse would move?  Try it.  I think he might scuttle.  What about the fox?  Can you fly like the owl and slither like the snake?  How might the Gruffalo move?





Your second challenge for Tuesday!

Blue Challenge: I can see similarities and differences


Here are some animals and their footprints.  Can you match the footprint to the right animal?  Look at the shape of the animals’ feet/hoof, paw etc.  Why do you think they are shaped a particular way?  Where do they tend to live and why is the shape of their foot etc helpful?  How is this different from some of the other animals?  Why?