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Rainbow Time

Today you have two Rainbow Challenges to complete!


Green Challenge: I can control my movements


Move around your room by marching.  After a minute then jump around your room on two feet.  Then try to hop.  If it is tricky on one leg, try the other leg.  Can you skip around your room?  Now hopscotch around your room.  Now side step.


Play the traffic light game with someone in your house.  Ask them to call out a colour.  If they say ‘red’, you stop, ‘amber’ you are on toes ready to go, ‘green’ you move around.  You can change to different travelling actions (e.g. jogging, jumping, side step etc).


Now play the gears game with someone in your house.  Ask them to call out an instruction.  You are a car.  If they say ‘gear 1’ walk around, ‘gear 2’ jog, ‘gear 3’ run.  When they say ‘reverse’ do backwards and beep.  Remember to check where you are going over your shoulder.  If they say ‘crash’ you stop.



Your second challenge for Tuesday!

Blue Challenge: I can take turns


Play ‘Build a Gruffalo’ with someone in your house. You can print off the parts of the Gruffalo, use playdough to build them, or draw them. You can have as many players as you would like.  Roll a dice.  Look at the corresponding Gruffalo body part for the number you have rolled.  Add or draw that part of the Gruffalo onto your own.  The first person to build/draw their Gruffalo wins! Have fun!