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Rainbow Time

Today you have two Rainbow Challenges to complete!


Red Rainbow Challenge: I can strengthen my fingers in different ways


Use playdough to make the animals from the Chinese New Year story.  Can you roll, pinch, cut and squeeze the playdough to create the animals?

Here is a playdough recipe if you want to make your own.  Otherwise water and flour work well!


You can talk about the quantities you are using and how the ingredients change at each step.



  • Place the salt and flour in a mixing bowl. Mix the dry ingredients together until thoroughly mixed
  • Add food colouring to water and mix again until all the lumps are gone.
  • Mix thoroughly and when the mixture comes together knead by hand. That’s it you now have your own batch of homemade playdough!


Your second challenge for Wednesday!

Orange Challenge: I can use my phonics to write letters I hear in words

Can you think of your own wish?  Have a go at writing your wish on some paper.  Use your sound mat to help you.  What sounds can you hear in the words?  You could tie your wish to an orange (real or made from scrunched orange paper) or a tree branch outside.  I wonder if your wish will come true!