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Rainbow Time

Rainbow Time

                                               Today you have two Rainbow Challenges to complete!


Green Challenge: I can move my body in different ways.



Today is our new P.E. day! Use some pieces of fabric and create a dragon dance.  Look at the dragon dances on the links below and see if you can copy some of their moves.  They often swoop and reach up high as well as bend to the side.  Explore moving in different ways.  Can you zigzag across the room and use different heights?

Chinese New Year 2019 Lion Dance, Hong Kong

Look at this dance. It starts a few minutes into the video. How is it different from the first video?


Your second challenge for Tuesday!

  • Blue Challenge: I can find out information


There were 10 animals in the Chinese New Year Race story we looked at during Topic Time.  Each year is a certain animal.  Look below and find the animal for your year.  Then read about your animal.  Each animal has things they are good at.  Can you think of something you are good at? Can you think of something that someone in your house is good at? Can you draw your animal and write its’ name using the Chinese symbol?