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Rainbow Time

It's that time of the day!  We hope you enjoy today's challenges!






Don’t forget to colour in the challenge colour on your rainbow once you have completed the challenge



Today you have two challenges!

Violet Challenge:  I can identify numbers and count amounts correctly

Play ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’.  Whoever is the wolf has to stand at one end of the room.  The other person or people sand at the opposite end of the room and ask ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’.  The wolf turns around and says a number up to 12.  Can you also show the number you have said?  Those who ask, then move that number of steps towards to wolf.  You repeat this until the wolf says ‘Dinner Time’ and runs after the people to catch them for dinner!


Orange Challenge: I can think about books I know

Can you complete this scavenger hunt?  If you can’t find a book, can you think of a book or story with it in?