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Rainbow Challenges

Week 1:

Each time you complete one of the Rainbow Challenges, colour in one of colours in a rainbow (e.g. If you complete the red challenges, add red to your rainbow).


  • Red Challenge: I can write words to match 4 pictures (see sheet)
  • Blue Challenge: I can draw and label something I did in the holiday
  • Green Challenge: I can order the days of the week (see sheet- look at the sounds you know to work out the words)
  • Orange Challenge: I can write my name
  • Yellow Challenge:  I can work out 1 less (see sheet- can you count the items and then work out 1 less?)
  • Indigo Challenge: I can talk about things we celebrate.  What do we celebrate? Why?  How do we celebrate?
  • Violet Challenge: I can help to make a meal