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Today's PSHE activity is

all about... WORRIES! 



With our return to school approaching, it can be a very worrying time for a SUPER children. They may have all sorts of worries from seeing their friends again to settling back into school routines.


It is so important we teach children that it is okay and normal to have worries and that it can sometimes help to share their worries. This will also help the children learn how to translate what their worried about to make it easier to talk to us and let us know how they feel.


The following activity is a chance for children to express their worries for the return to school and can be used as a tool to discuss these worries with them and help to calm their nerves and make them feel excited and safe about coming back to school. heart


Robins, you have absolutely smashed home learning and should be so proud. This is a chance for you to reflect and speak to your adults about coming back to school!