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Properties of shape

Session 1

This week we will be looking at properties of shape!  As it is the first week of a lovely sunny new term, today is all about what you already know about shapes.  Your task is to show as many as different 2D shapes that you can remember.  Draw the shapes and make them as colourful as you would like!  Don't forget to name each shape.


Remember, 2D shapes are flat!


How many can you draw and name before checking the sheet below?



Session 2

This task is about creating your own 2D shapes using your knowledge from the previous session.  You can use anything you can find to create your shape, it could be lego, lollypop sticks, pens or even twigs/sticks from the garden.  Make sure you take a picture and send them in.  There are ideas below to guide you.


Session 3

This task is about angles.  Watch the video below and as you will see, there are three types of angles it covers.  Acute angles, Right-angles and Obtuse angles.  Have a look at the shapes you have previously drawn or made.  What type of angles does each shape have?  Can you make a list?  Is there a pattern that you can find?

Angles Song | Acute, Obtuse, & Right Angles | 3rd & 4th Grade

Session 4

This task will build on your knowledge of angles - Acute, Right Angles and Obtuse.  Write your name in capital letters, it is up to you whether you fill up the whole page!  Then, using the pictures below to guide you, draw the angles where you can.  Choose your own colour code so it is really clear what the angle is. It might be a good idea to watch the video again from Session 3 to remind you of each angle.


Session 5

For our last session this week, we are going to go on a scavenger hunt!  It can be at home, in the garden or outside when you go for a walk.  What shapes can you see?  If you take a long look around, you will be amazed at what everyday objects look like.  There are a few examples below but you could make a list of what you find or even what the most popular shape is!  I seem to have lots of rectangles at home...