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POP ART - Lichtenstein - weeks 1 - 4


Find out all about who Lichtenstein is and his work, by clicking on this link:


What are the subjects of his work?

How would you describe his style? Use of line & colour.


Activity 1 (Week beg: 1/06/20) : 

Choose your favourite piece of work by him & re-create it or just part of it. Look carefully at the colours he has used & how he has filled the space between the lines (lines, dots, block colour). Felt tip pens or pencil crayons are best for this.


Activity 2 (Week beg: 8/06/20) :


Collect objects from around your home and create a table-top still life (jugs, vases, fruit etc).

Practise drawing these from different angles using only line – no shading.

Make the lines as clear as possible.


Activity 3 (Week beg: 15/06/20)

Draw overlapping curved or straight lines on a piece of paper. In the spaces you have created, practise using Lichtenstein’s colour techniques using felt tip pen or pencil crayon. Remember to use only the limited colours Lichtenstein used in his work.




Activity 4:  (Week beg: 22/06/20)


Lichtenstein is a well-known Pop Artist but he also experimented with Cubism in some of his still-life work.

This involves drawing objects from different angles like the example above.

Have a go at this technique. Use a pencil to make simple line drawings of household objects from different angles. Overlap your drawings. Don’t worry if it looks messy!

Fill in the spaces you have created using Lichtenstein’s colour techniques.

Finally, go over your pencil lines in a black pen.