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Watch this video and discover our new sound. 

Jolly Phonics oo-oo

Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode OO (long)

Phonics task 


Now play ‘Run to my sound’.  Ask an adult to write the sound ‘oo’ on a piece of paper.  On another to write ‘oa’.  On another piece of paper ‘igh’.  Place these around a room or outside.  Stand in the middle of your room or area. Your adult has to say one of these sounds and you need to run to that sound.  If you are able to, try to read some words at each sound.  So if you’re adult asked you to run to the ‘oa’ sound, your adult could then write a word containing ‘oa’ (with sound buttons) and you could have a go at reading them.  Or if you wanted, you could have a go at writing the word yourself!

Here are some suggested words for this game-

Short oo- book, took, wood

Long oo- boot, roof, tool

Oa- goat, toad, boat

Igh- high, light, tight





There is also a spotting the real and alien oo words sheet if you would rather do this activity.