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Just a quick note to say below are the next few sets of key words. If you are able to read and spell your key words you have at home, please feel free to move onto these.

Lets recap our previous sounds

Still image for this video

Our sound for today

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Jolly Phonics 'ng'

Here is our song and action for our new sound.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ng/

Now play ‘Phonics Hop Scotch’.  Ask an adult to write the sound ‘ng’ on a piece of paper or card.  On another to write ‘th’ and another ‘qu’.  On another piece of paper or card ‘ch’ and another ‘sh’.  Put these out as a hop scotch grid (see below).  Throw something onto your ‘hop scotch grid’ (e.g. a ball of socks, beanbag, hair scrunchy).  Then you need to hop scotch to the sound it has landed on.  Say each sound you hop scotch over. 

You can play again but using words containing the sounds.

Here are some suggested words for this game-

qu: quack, quit, quiz

ch: much, chop, chick

ng: ring, king, song

sh: shut, shed, ship

th: that, with, them


If you would rather, have a go at this worksheet