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Interactive Bar


Play the 'Yes No' game. Write 'yes' on a piece of paper and place it at one end of your room. Write 'no' on another, and place it at the other end of the room. Read each question in the middle of the room and then run, jump, skip or hop to the correct answer- yes or no!

On 'Phonics Play' play 'Flash Cards Speed Trial' to recap your sounds, and 'Buried Treasure' to apply your sounds when reading.  You need Phase 3.  Have fun.

Match the correct caption to the correct picture

This week we are recapping the 'or' digraph. Geraldine the Giraffe learns /or/ sound


Can you find all the real 'or' words?

Using your phonics, read these words.  Think of a sentence containing one of these words.  Count the number of words in your sentence on your fingers. Then write the sentence.  Remember your first finger (word) has a capital letter, there is a finger space between each finger and there is a capital letter after your last finger.  Draw a picture to match your sentence.



shorts                 fork                    horn                 torch



Make up your own 'yes, no' questions using some 'or' words and your key words.