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Interactive Bar


Using sounds we have recapped, can you write the words for the pictures? The phonemes (sounds) have been broken up to help you work out how many sounds are in each word. Watch out, they all contain a digraph (two letters together, making one sound).)

Match the picture to the correct caption

This week we are recapping the digraph 'ar'

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /ar/

Pirates Say AR! (song for kids about the "ar" sound)

Can you read these real and alien words? Can you use one in a sentence? Can you write a sentence using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly?

Can you be a 'Sentence Doctor' and correct these sentences?  Look out for capital letters, missed finger spaces, and full stops.  Are they all in the right place?  Write the sentence correctly.

 mY. Car isat tHe park


the star is In a jar. At the FarM


a doG barks in the barn

With an adult, read this story. Can you spot the words containing our 'ar' digraph? Can you read them?

Write the 'ar' word for the picture