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Take a look at the phonics videos below.


Jolly Phonics /Th/ sound song

Have another go at singing the song for the digraph 'th'.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /th/ sound

Watch Geraldine Giraffe again, but think about the soft 'th' sound.

Task: Now play 'Sound Pairs'  

Have 8 pieces of paper.  Write  ‘qu’ on two pieces of paper,‘ch’ on two pieces of paper, ‘sh’ on two pieces of paper and ‘th’ on two pieces of paper.  Mix them up and turn them over so you cannot see the sound.  Take turns with someone at home with you, to turn two pieces of paper over.  Say the sounds on the paper.  If they are the same sound, keep the pieces of paper.  If they aren’t the same, remember the sounds on them, and turn them over.  Then the next person gets a go.  The person with the most pieces of paper at the end of the game is the winner!


Now have a go at the activity sheet below.