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Jolly Phonics /Th/ sound song

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /th/ sound

Now play ‘Cross the river’.  Put a blanket or piece if material down on the floor to be a river.  Sit on one side of the material. Ask an adult to sit at the end of the piece of material.  The adult shows you a written down sound (from ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘th’).  Can you tell the adult what the sound is?  If you can you can come across the river (material) to the other side.  Be careful, your adult is a crocodile that lives in the river, and they might try to eat you as you cross!  If you are feeling confident, can you think of a word containing the sound your adult has shown you?  Your adult could write a word containing one of the sounds on a piece of paper.  You can only cross the river if you can read it!  You can also do the same with writing words.  Your adult can ask you to write a word containing the sound, and you can only cross the river once you have done so!  Have fun and try to not get eaten!!!



Here are some suggested words for this game-

ch: chat, chop

sh: shed, shop

th: them, than