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Let’s recap all the sounds on the sound mat as we have now learnt all of these!  Look at your phonics sound mat and go through each sound saying ‘My sound is… my name is…’ and show the action for each sound.  Remember two letters together making one sound is a digragh (e.g. sh).  Three letters together make a trigraph (e.g. igh).


Now have a go at reading these words and finding the correct one for the picture.  There are sound buttons to help you.  Remember when there is a line underneath, it is a digraph so the two letters are making one sound (e.g. qu) or a trigraph where three letters are making one sound (e.g.igh).

We have now looked at all the sounds we are going to be learning this year.  We will be recapping these and focusing on blending when reading, and segmenting words to write all the sounds we can hear.


Today and tomorrow we are going to be focusing on the digraph ‘th’.  Remind yourself of the action and song. Remember this digraph makes two separate sounds.

Digraphs | Let's Learn About the Digraph th | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Now have a go at reading these words

Now play ‘Splat the Sound’.  Write a sound or word on separate pieces of paper.  Your adult then needs to say the sound or word.  Can you find the word and ‘splat’ it- either with your hand, a tea towel or a fly swatter?


Suggested words: thin, that, think, this, three, them


Now try to write a sentence using a th word.  Count the number of words in your sentence on your fingers.  Remember the first letter of the first word is always a capital letter.  This shows it’s the beginning of a sentence.  Between each word we need a finger space so we can see where one word ends and another starts.  These are the gaps between your fingers when you count the number of words on your fingers.  At the end of your sentence you always need a dot- your full stop, to show your sentence has finished.