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Phonics and Handwriting



Can you remember the sounds we have recapped this week?


ch & sh

Watch the video below to help you recap these sounds,

as well as practice your blending.



Last half term we looked at these letters:

c, o, a

d, g, q

i, l, t

r, n, m


Can you remember how to form these letters correctly?

Can you remember the letter formation rhymes?

Take some time to look over the letter formation rhymes below of these letters.

You could draw the letter in the air with your magic pencil finger as you say the rhymes.


This week we are focusing on the letters

h, b, p

Watch the video below to help you to learn the letter formation rhymes and form the letters correctly.


You could use the handwriting sheets below or you can practise you letters with salt/flour trays, chalk, finger paints or even shaving foam!


Have Fun!!


Dough Disco!

Here is another dough disco video that you can join in with.

Have fun!

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