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Phonics Digraph Song

Now go through your sound mat reminding yourself of each sound and letter name.



We are continuing to focus on the 'ch' sound today.


Click on this link to see some more blending of 'ch' words and sentence writing.  Have a go at your own sentence containing a 'ch' word if you wish.

Play pairs.  Ask and adult (or you could try yourself) to write down on separate pieces of paper the following words.  They then need to do this again, so you have two of each words.  Then turn the paper over so you can’t see the word.  Take turns to turn two words over, read them and see if they match.  If they match (if they are the same word) you win the cards and get to keep them.  If they don’t match, turn them back over, remembering where they are.

Words to use- chin, chip, chat, check, chap


If you would rather, try this sheet. Look at the words in the table below.  Read the words and work out which ones are real and which ones are made up.