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Revisit all our sounds using your sound mat and saying 'My name is... and my sound is...'

Have a go at reading these words and matching them to the picture.

We have now learnt all our sounds and so we are going to revisit our digraphs and trigraphs, focusing on blending, segmenting and writing sentences!  We are starting with the 'ch' digraph.  Here is the song and a video about 'ch' if you would like a reminder before moving onto our teaching video.


Digraphs | Let's Learn About the Digraph ch | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Now play ‘Cross the river’.  Put a blanket or piece if material down on the floor to be a river.  Sit on one side of the material. Ask an adult to sit at the end of the piece of material.  You need to write the word to match the ‘ch’ picture. If you can you can come across the river (material) to the other side.  Be careful, your adult is a crocodile that lives in the river, and they might try to eat you as you cross. Have fun and try to not get eaten!!! There are sound buttons underneath to help you.


If you would rather, you could try to write a sentence using one of the picture below.