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Phonics - Blending Practice!


Although we have finished recapping our Phase 3 sounds, we are going to continue practising our blending each week as it is such an important skill to learn! We will practice different sounds each lesson however, blending is a skill that once the children learn they will be able to apply to all sounds and new words.


Today we are going to be looking at 'dotting and dashing' some of our words. The children will need the words printed and a pen or pencil to hand so we can dot and dash together! smiley


Top Tips for helping children blend!


  • Modelling is key! Model to the children segmenting the words into sounds and blending them together.
  • Make it physical, the use of robot arms or jumping or for each sound in the word.
  • Over learning is key! You can never do too much practise!


I have provided you with some word cards that have been dotted and dashed. The children can jump for each sound in the word.  They could also use their robot arms to show the individual sounds in the words.