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There isn't a song for our sound but here is Geraldine the Giraffe

Now play ‘Phonics spin the bottle’.  Ask an adult to write the sound ‘ear’ on a piece of paper or card.  On another to write ‘ur’ and another ‘oi’.  On another piece of paper or card ‘ow’.  Put these out in a circle and a plastic bottle in the middle.  Spin the bottle and say the sound it stops at. You can play again but using words containing the sounds rather than just sound cards.

Here are some suggested words for this game-

ear: tear, hear, year

ur: turn, curl, burn

oi: coin, boil, foil

ow: town, cow, owl






If you would rather, there is another activity.  You will need a dice.  Once you have rolled your dice, look at the number.  Then look at the sheet and find the row with the same number.  Read the first word in that row.  If you then roll the same number, read the next word.  You can add sound buttons to help you if you wish.