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10/6/20 - Make sure you're still getting your daily exercise ! 


There's no better way than checking out PE with Joe still. 

PE With Joe


Watch the video below and focus on the Dance routine that goes alongside the music. 


I would like you to follow the routine and add in different dance moves or extra moves to make the piece a continuous dance. 

Body popping skeleton



Follow the link below to access today's edition of PE with Joe. 

NEW - Week beginning 20/04/20
Make sure if you haven't already, you check out; The Body Coach TV - PE with Joe - on YouTube. 
Can you follow the Just Dance warm up routine? You can use it to start the day or simply just as a break from home learning tasks. 

Just Dance 2 - Warm Up

Week beginning - 23/03/20

Yoga For The Classroom - Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For The Classroom is for all ages, all types and all moods. This fun 10-min standing yoga sequence is great!!

P.E with Joe | Friday 27th March 2020

If you are not following this already - PE with Joe is great for home learning.

Week beginning 30/3/20 

Year 5 PE Lesson Juggling.

Can you try and juggle?

If you don't have balls you can always use balled up socks.

Come on Owls give it a go.

Remember to be resilient :)