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Bitterne Manor Primary School

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Our Values

"Learning to be the best we can"


We want our children to learn to be the best they can be. We want them to use their ‘Heads, Hearts and Hands’ when they are learning. These are our core learning values:




(Hands on, using tools for support, resourcefulness)


(team work, engaged on task, collaborating)


(Making and doing, building things, working to an end product) 


(Respect, celebrating, sense of achievement, self-worth)


(Trying, being brave, persisting)


(Want to learn, aspiration, inspiration)  


(Explain, justify, knowing next steps)


( Applying skills, making links, decision making)


( Question, solve problems, take risks)


We aim to do this by:
• Providing quality first teaching and learning – everyone ‘learning to be the best we can be’
• Putting the well-being of our children at the heart of all we do
• Celebrating success
• Encouraging the children to play an active role in school development
• Creating a vibrant learning environment that engages all and makes people go WOW!
• Providing a stimulating curriculum that is creative, practical, linked to real life and fun
• Developing key skills of numeracy, literacy and information and communication technology
• Stimulating children’s learning at home and in the wider community
• Actively involving parents and the wider community in children’s learning