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Our classroom and routines


We are looking forward to seeing you again soon!  How exciting.  We've really missed all your smiling faces.


We realise you might be feeling a bit unsure about coming back to school, and that's O.K.  We've been through a very strange time and you have been used to being with your adults at home.  We feel the same.  We will be doing lots of fun activities to get us all used to being at school.  We will talk about our worries and things we are finding hard or strange.  We are also looking forward to celebrating all the things that have happened while you have been away such as birthdays, new siblings and achievements.



Our classroom looks a little different.

You will each have your own chair and table space and it will be the same every time you come to school. 


At your space you also have your own tray.  In your tray you have pencils, paper, a whiteboard and pen, some activities, a number line, sound mat, and other things you will need for your learning.  If you are in Group A (Monday and Tuesday) your tray is yellow.  If you are Group B (Thursday and Friday) your tray is red.


We will still be using our outside playground. smiley


Your peg will be at a different spot, with all the pegs for the children in your group.  

While we don’t have a book corner, each group (A and B) have a tray of books for story time 😁

Each group has a selection (the same in each) of construction toys.One child at a time for each box.

From all the wonderful photos you have sent us while you’ve been away we’ve made a display. We are looking forward to talking about these!

We will still be doing our Rainbow Challenges!  You guys have been super at completing these while you have been at home.


We also know how much you enjoy 'Wake and Shake' and our 'Days of the Week' songs so we will also be doing these too.


While your phonics and maths are very important, we will be focusing on settling back into school before we start these lessons again.

Here is a letter that was emailed home that gives more information about returning to school

We can't wait to see you but we won't be able to hug or hold hands quite like before. But there are other ways to show we care about each other. Watch this!