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Support for Reading!

 We thought we would share this comment from one of our parent helpers who supports reading in school - it sums itself up, really!

'One of the best moments I had in school recently was watching a class assembly and witnessing certain children reading passages out loud with expression in front of their peers and parents, knowing that six months previously, this was something they were unable to do. They had made so much progress that reading was now something they enjoyed and found effortless. I smiled to myself, thinking that my weekly Friday morning visits listening to children of all abilities may have made a difference. It takes 90 minutes out of my busy working week but I really look forward to coming. The children are forever asking if it's their turn to read and I love the conversations we have about the stories and the ideas they come up with. The staff are so appreciative that I come. It's great for me. It helps me understand a bit more about school life and how I can my help my children at home more effectively. Please consider volunteering because everybody wins especially the children.'