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Class Welcomes

We would like to invite parents to attend our ‘Class Welcomes’ after school on the 20th and 21st September at 5.00pm.

These are great opportunities to meet your child’s new class teacher for the first time and to learn a little more about what the year ahead will look like for your child. You will hear about the daily routines, expectations around homework and what topic areas the children will be studying. The session should take around 30 minutes. We would encourage attendance for all parents but for those pupils in the key national curriculum assessment years, 2 and 6 (Swallows, Swifts and Kestrels), please note that we will be looking at what’s involved with the statutory assessment procedures or SATs as well.


All information will shortly be on school website here:


Don’t forget you will get a chance to have an individual consultation later in the term with class teachers. These dates are on our calendar already and appointment letters will be sent out shortly before.


20th Sept Class Welcome Evening: 5.00pm Swallows, Rooks, Owls, Robins

21st Sept Class Welcome Evening: 5.00pm Kestrels, Swifts, Nightingales



Kingfishers don’t require a session just yet! We look forward to seeing you then.