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20/04/20 - Flotsam - week 2

Hi Kestrels!  Well done to all of you who have sent us fabulous work based on the book Flotsam.  This week's English follows on from the work we set you before Easter.  If you didn't get chance to do that, it's not too late to either catch up or just start with this week's work.  You will, however, need to go back to Flotsam Week 1 and watch/Look at the YouTube video of the book.  Enjoy!

Create your own Flotsam character

  • Lesson 1

Pick 6 items that could be found on a beach & could give clues about your character & their background.

Your character could be:

  •  an explorer
  •  fisherman
  •  sailor
  •  cruise ship passenger etc.


Draw & label the items, explaining why they are significant.

lesson 2


Write a description of the character you created yesterday.


enlightenedThink about your vocabulary choices and sentence structures.  Try to avoid starting every sentence with a pronoun (He...)

Use some of the word mats below to support your writing and /or use a Thesaurus (book or online) to help you to use more adventurous vocabulary.




Lesson 3   (You have 2 days for this task so try to include plenty of detail)

Choose one of the children from the photographs & create a biography for them.

  • Who were they?
  • Where were they from?
  • Why were they at the beach that day?


Extension:  Could you turn this into a diary entry of your chosen child's day at the beach?