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It's time for MATHS!


Hey Skylarks! Yesterday we looked at multiplying by 8 and today we are going to be looking at DIVIDING BY 8!


Multiplication is the inverse of division. Inverse means the OPPOSITE! 😊

Today's Task


Today I would like you to use you division skills! You can choose between 2 methods to solve the following problems…


  • You can use the sharing method that we learnt last week, I have also included and example of this below to refresh your memory!
  • Or you can use your knowledge of the 8 X table and count in 8’s to see how many eights fit into the larger number.

Today's 2nd Task


For your second task I would like you to write the calcultaions down that you know by looking at these CALCULATION TRIANGLES!


In my video I have explained how you can do this using your multiplication and division knowledge! :) For each triangle you should be able to find 4 calcultaions!


Don't forget to email me your answers!smiley

Today's Task...

Challenge Time!


Below is your CHALLENGE of the day! You will need to use your new skills from this lesson to solve and explain the answer.