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It's time for MATHS!


Hey Skylarks! Today we will be looking at MULTIPLICATION Using our 8 times table. We will look at different ways of counting in 8’s and how this can help us solve the problems.


First I would like you to watch the video and practive your counting in 8's. It is a rather catchy tune so feel free to sing along!smiley

8 Times Table Song | Skip Counting by 8 Multiplication Song

Purple Mash Option...


If you would like to put your 8 times table to the test I have also set you an optional challenge on Purple Mash!smiley

Today's Problems


Below are the problems I would like you to solve today! There are 2 problems to complete before having a go at the challenge bubble


  • For your first task I would like you to shade in the 100 square by counting in 8’s. So the first square you would shade in is 8 and then I would count on 8 jumps and land on 16! 😊
  • Your second task is a grid you need to fill in using your skills of counting in 8’s. I have completed the first one to give you an example. Have a go at completing the rest of the grid in the same way, you can use your 100 square to help! 😊 - This is the same task as last week which you completed for your 3's and 4's so have a look back to refresh your memory! :)


If you have any questions please contact me via the class email...


You've got this! heart

Challenge Time!


Below is your challenge of the day! You will need to use your new skills from this lesson to solve and explain the answer. I know you can do it!smiley