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It's time to switch on your Maths brain!


Hey Robins! This morning we will be continuing to look at addition. We will be looking at bar models. Bar models are a different way of showing a part-whole and so it is not a completely new concept – just a different way of representing it! smiley


My video will talk a little bit about bar models and what they represent. It will also help us to picture addition in another way... log on and enjoy! See you in a minute Robins! 



If you do not have access to the video, here is a brief summary of what you need to know!


enlightenedChildren will be using the part-whole model .

enlightenedChildren can recap how a part-whole model works using our song  ‘A part and a part make a whole, a part and a part make a whole, when I add a part to another part, my two parts make a whole’.

enlightenedThey can then count how many there are altogether or how many are left (depending on the question) to find out their answer.

enlightenedThe whole will be at the top and the two parts and underneath.