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It's time to switch on your Maths brain!


Hey Robins! This morning we will be continuing to look at addition. We will be discussing what addition means and how we can use our resources to help us with questions! For this lesson you will need at least 8 practical resources, these can be anything from socks to pasta, to pencils! Whatever you have, you can use! yes


My video will talk a little bit about missing number problems and how we can sort them. It will also help us to picture addition in another way... log on and enjoy! See you in a minute Robins! smiley



Please find the teacher input video below! smiley

Top tips for completing your task!


enlightenedThe concept of the part-whole model is the same as yesterday.

enlightenedThe children will need to look at what information they do have on the page e.g. do they know the whole? Or the parts?

enlightenedThey can then replicate this part-whole model using their resources at home. You could use three bowls for example, one to represent the whole and two to represent the parts.

enlightenedThe children can then place the resources in their bowls to match the question.

enlightenedThis should help them to visualise the question and work out the missing number.



What is my missing number?