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5 a day

Try and do 5 a day each of the days you are off this week.  Remember the answers are available for you to check online.  You can always do more and use the ones for the half term dates as well if you are keen!

Here is the link.  Just click on it and go to the correct date.



You can also log on to Times Tables Rock Stars and keep practicing your tables!


Mrs Hemnell's group focus on 9s, Mrs Adams' group focus on 6's and 9's

Tuesday 20th

Printable version of the activities above!

Wednesday 21st

There are 3 levels of difficulty in the decimal place value challenge below, so choose which is right for you! The answers are included at the end of the document, but no cheating!!

Thursday 22nd

Ordering Decimals Song | Comparing Decimals |

Comparing decimals (the answers are at the bottom of the document again for you to check!)

Friday 23rd

Have a go at solving some of the riddles. You'll find the answers on the last card!