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Some children will continue to focus on identifying and ordering numbers to 20. Once your child is secure with this, we will move on to the ability to say what one more and one less from a given number would be.  Number cards and suggested activities have been sent home to enable you to support your child with this.

Other children will continue to work on addition, focusing on how to record a number sentence using the correct symbols (e.g. 3 + 2 = 5).  The children will be using concrete resources (including their fingers!) and number lines to help them when working out answers.  It is quite a skill to be able to count on from a given number.  Some children are ready for this and will learn how to first use a number line to do this, before trying to add onto a number in their head!  We have also been making sure pupils are exposed to the variety of language used when looking at addition (for example ‘add’, ‘plus’ and ‘total’). Later in the Summer term, we will introduce subtraction.

We will be looking at how we can record quantities (such as through tally charts and simple bar graphs) and how these recordings can be used to compare information.