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It's time for MATHS!


Hey Skylarks! Today we will be continuing with FRACTIONS!



Super Starter!


Below your SUPER STARTER activity for today is to watch the video I have added below to refresh our memories on fractions!laugh

Fractions Song For Kids | 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade

Today's Problems


Below are the problems I would like you to solve today! These tasks are all based around comparing and ordering fractions.


I have added a teacher video below where I have modelled how you solve these sorts of problems!smiley


Read each question carefully before you have a go yourself. I have also added a Teacher video below to explain the task to you.


If you have any questions please contact me via the class email...


You've got this! laugh

Challenge Time!


Below is your challenge of the day! You will need to use your new skills from this lesson to solve and explain the answer.


I know you can do it!laugh