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Here are today’s Maths activities.

In Reception, we try to keep activities as practical as possible so that it resembles play, as children learn best this way.


Warm up activity:

  • Choose a number from 0-10 or 0-20, say the number that is 1 more and 1 less than that number.
  • Use a number line to check your answer.
  • Keep going until you have no cards left.
  • You could repeat the activity, but this time get a grown up to record you.
  • How fast can you do it? Repeat it again and see if you are faster this time.

This week we are looking at 3D shapes.


Take a look at the 3D shape properties mat to remind yourself of the shapes we are looking at. Can you remember the 3D shape’s names? Can you remember the words we can use to describe the 3D shapes? You could watch this video to help you to remember.

Play this describing game with a grown up:


Choose a 3D shape but don’t say what it is.
Describe the 3D shape using the language we looked at yesterday-

 faces, edges, vertices, flat, base, square, rectangle, circle, triangle.

Don’t say the 3D shape’s name.
See if your grown up can guess what shape you have chosen.


Swap over so you have to guess the shape from your grown up’s description.


e.g. I have 1 flat face that is a circle on my base, 1 vertex at the top and I have 1 edge. I look like I would go well with ice cream. If you lay me on my side I will roll around in a circle.
 I am a cone.


Challenge- Try the sorting by Flat or Curved faces worksheet. Sort the 3D shapes by cutting and sticking them onto the Venn diagram. Think carefully about whether the shapes have flat or curved faces, or they may have both flat and curved faces.


Super Challenge- After you have tried the Challenge activity, choose your own labels for the Venn diagram. Then sort the 3D shapes. For example, 2 faces/more than 2 faces