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Here are today's Maths activities.

In Reception we try to keep activities as practical as possible so that it resembles play, as children learn best this way.


You can watch the video below to see what we are learning today.



Warm up activity:

  • Order your number cards 0-10 or if you feel confident, use numbers 0-20. When you have done this correctly (check with a number line) turn the cards over so you can’t see them.
  • Choose a number card and turn it over. Say the name, then say what 1 more than the number is and what 1 less than the number is. Turn over the cards either side to check your answer. Remember, if you are finding 1 more, you need to jump forward to the next number and the number will be bigger. If you are finding 1 less, you need to jump backwards to the number before and the number will be smaller.
  • Keep going until all the cards are turned the right way around.


This week we are looking at 3D shapes.


Take a look at the 3D shape mat and the 3D shapes you made yesterday to remind you of the shapes we are looking at. Can you remember the 3D shape’s names? You could watch this video to help you to remember.

3D Shapes Song For Kids | Spheres, Cylinders, Pyramids, Cubes, & Cones

Video: 3d Shapes with Real-World Examples For Each ShapeGrade Levels: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade🍎 Check out our ever-growing library of math songs at https:/...

We are going to be describing 3D shapes in today and tomorrow’s Maths lesson.

We will be using the words:

faces, edges, vertices, flat, curved, base, triangle, square, circle, rectangle

Watch this video to help us begin to describe 3D shapes and look at their properties.

Monster Trucks Learn 3D Shapes | Episode 10

Learn 3D shapes with the silly GiggleBellies Monster Trucks! Toddlers will learn shapes such as cube, sphere, pyramid, hemisphere, torus, and more! Watch all...

Spend some time with your grown up looking at the grid below that shows the 3D shape properties.

(You do not need to focus on Tetrahedron or Triangular prism) 

Use the language faces, edges, vertices to describe your 3D shapes that you made on Tuesday.

Can you see any 3D shapes that have a triangle, square, circle or rectangle face?

Challenge- Try filling in the gaps on the 3D Shapes worksheet.


Super Challenge- Try the 3D Shape Properties worksheets. There are two to choose from.