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Warm up activity:

Missing numbers: What are the missing numbers in these sequences?

The Gruffalo has been up to mischief again and he has gobbled up more of my numbers in a teen number pie!!


Can you work out what numbers he has eaten? You can use a number line to help you.


You could write down the whole sequence of numbers with the missing numbers in a different colour. Remember to form the numbers correctly.


10, 11, 12, __

14, 15, __, 17

17, __, 19, 20

          13, __, __, 16 

This week we are looking at 3D shapes.


Take a look at the 3D shape mat in this pack to remind you of the shapes we are looking at. Can you remember the 3D shape’s names? You could watch this video to help you to remember.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

Today you are going to make your own set of 3D shapes. In this pack there are the nets of a cone, square based pyramid, cube, cuboid and a cylinder.  You may need a bit of help from a grown up to cut, fold and stick the shapes together. Make sure you can name all of the 3D shapes. You may notice that one shape is missing (a sphere). See if you can find a sphere in your home that you could use to complete your set of shapes. When you have made them, keep them safe as they will help you with your work on Thursday and Friday. You may wish to use them to play a shape game for the Challenge and Super Challenge activities below.


Challenge- If you have made all 5 shapes and found a sphere to complete your set, you could now try to play a memory game with an adult. Ask a grown up to cover the 5/6 shapes you have made with a cloth or a tea towel. Ask your grown up to remove 1 shape. When they are uncovered, can you say which shape is missing using the correct name?


Super Challenge- If you are good at the Challenge game, ask your grown up to take away 2 or even 3 shapes at a time to see if you can remember which shapes are missing. Have Fun!