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Here are today's Maths activities.


In Reception, we try to keep activities as practical as possible so that it resembles play, as children learn best this way.

Warm up activities:

  • Flashcards 0-20. You could check how many numbers you know and then work on the ones you are unsure of and practise these across the week
  • Play a game of number Bingo! Choose 9 numbers ( you could have more or less than this). Write the numbers onto pieces of paper. Lay your numbers on the floor in any order. Make sure you know what your numbers are, try saying them out loud. Use your own set of number cards and lay them face down in a pile. Take the top number, say the number, if it matches one of your pieces of paper turn that number over. Keep going until you have turned over all of your pieces of paper. Don't forget to say BINGO! 


Main Activity:

We have been learning about addition this week.

We have used objects, tens frames and number lines to help us to work out the answers.


Which method did you prefer? Why?


Have a go at playing a game of snakes and ladders. You could use two dice so you can add the dice together before you move. Write down the number sentences as you go.


Challenge- Play Snakes and ladders addition to 10.


Extra challenge- Play Snakes and ladders addition to 20.


Have fun!