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Warm up activity:

  • Flashcards 0-20. You could check how many numbers you know and then work on the ones you are unsure of and practise these across the week.
  • Order your number cards from 0-20. Ask your grown up to ask you questions such as

“What number comes in between 13 and 15?”

“What number comes before 17?”

“What number comes after 11?”

Lets try counting by 2s

Time for ‘Guess any Number’

Still image for this video
We are thinking about 'addition' this week.
Now try adding two groups together to find the total, using objects you have at home.  You can use buttons, toys, pasta, socks- anything you have lots of!  If you would like to, you could have a go at writing a number sentence like I did in the video clip.

If you are feeling confident with addition try these activities. The second sheet is more challenging