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It's time to switch on your MATHS brain!


Good morning ROCKING Robins! Have you all got your Maths brains switched on? GREAT!


Today we are going to continue looking at subtraction, however, I am going to introduce you to a new concept. This is called using a 'subtraction story' to help us understand what subtraction means and how it works.


Below I have uploaded a video of myself explaining how it works and the ideas behind it to help the children! It is a really nice way to help the children visualise the process of 'taking away' and enables them to express their reasons for doing it. I would encourage the children to complete this alongside conversations to help them begin to articulate the processes they follow and justify their learning.


Good luck Robins and let me know how you get on! smiley


*Please do not feel as though the children must complete all of the activities. I have provided plenty in case some children want to complete more or need some extra to practice on. It is not compulsory for the children to complete all of them!*

enlightenedFancy a challenge? Why not try and create your own subtraction story! You can use whatever you like and choose your own numbers! enlightened